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Online Store FAQ


We want to give you the best buying experience possible on the Internet.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or check on the Q & A below.


What payment methods can i use?


  • PayPal: secure and fast payment via PayPal.

  • Credit Cards: We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express via PayPal account.

  • 本線上商店接受PayPal付款及透過PayPal帳號使用VISA, MasterCard, American Express信用卡付款.



Can I order without a credit card?


We also accept Cash payment. Orders can be placed through phone or email.

除了線上購物, 我們接受電話電子郵件下訂, 到店取貨現金結帳, 謝謝.



Does Formosa Cake ship baked goods and merchandise?


We ship goods from "The Present" and cookies.  Whipped cream cakes will not be shipped.  It's Pick Up only.

本店使用新鮮奶油及法式戚風蛋糕製作各式蛋糕, 因此無法提供運送服務, 請在購買蛋糕並準備進行結帳時提供姓名, 聯絡方式, 取貨分店地點及取貨時間. 蛋糕類以外的商品提供佛州地區寄貨服務, 謝謝.











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